Club Outings 

2023/24 Outings List (under development)




Macro (close-up) Photography (flowers and insects)
Date:             Saturday September 16th.
Location :      NPC member Elisabeth Fontaine's garden at 412 Barnum House Rd., Grafton, Ont.
Time:             10am - 12pm
Please be prompt as we plan to have introductions, a group photo, and a discussion of Macro teaching/learning/sharing before we all head out into Elisabeth's beautiful and extensive wildflower gardens to try our hand at capturing insects and plants.
After the outing we encourage members to gather for coffee or lunch at Tim Hortons at the corner of King St. (Hwy#2) and Brook ROad North. at the East end of Cobourg to socialize, share their outing experiences, and ask any unanswered questions about Macro/Close-up photography or Outings in general.
There will be demonstrations/discussions of lenses and other apparatus used for Macro/Close-up photography. Also various lighting options that can be used to obtain the best results.
Please bring your tripod, macro lens if you have one, and any lens you use for flower or close-up shots. Bring your flash gun, and if you are not familiar with using your flash in manual mode please try it out. This usually involves selecting M mode as opposed to TTL mode. There should then be a dial you can turn to change the flash power, from 1/1 in steps down to 1/128 or so. If you have a mirrorless camera the viewfinder will show the result of your settings, and if you set a high shutter speed and narrow aperture the viewfinder may be too dark for you to focus. To overcome this I believe mirrorless cameras should have a way to get a simulated optical viewfinder SOV, Have a look for that setting.
 Also bring your Cell Phones to use if you wish. We will be having a presentation about Cell Phone photography at an upcoming meeting.
Finally, get ready to get "down and dirty!" Some of the best shots may require you to get low and get into the flowers. Some people carry a black garbage bag they can kneel on, and don't forget the bug spray!
Roseneath Fall Fair
Date:             Saturday September 30th
Location:               Roseneath Fairgrounds
Time:                    To be decided; probably around 11am.
A detailed email covering this outing will be sent out early in September