Elisabeth La FontaineElisabeth La Fontaine was born in Ceylon, (now Sri Lanka), daughter of a tea-planter. During her early life her father, a keen photographer with his own darkroom, tried everything he could to encourage Elisabeth to learn to use a camera. He hit a brick wall! She had ZERO interest in mastering apertures and shutter speeds in the days of Rolleiflex and Rolleicord film cameras!

Educated in Scotland Elisabeth subsequently lived in England and in 1977 the wanderlust hit her. She emigrated to Canada with her family and has since travelled extensively across Canada, the USA, Japan and Europe, mostly on business. She attended OCAD and leaned to draw and paint but gradually she developed a latent interest in photography.

The move to Grafton in 2003 offered a wealth of opportunity for photography and with the help of courses, books, the internet and members of NPC, Elisabeth now, thanks to Cindy Taylor, understands apertures and shutter speeds!!!

Elisabeth is working on mastering Photoshop with the aim of restoring old, faded and damaged photos,  creating Personalized Photo-Books and taking photographs of special occasions in the community.