Image Submission Details


At the monthly NPC meetings members have an opportunity to share their images in club-produced slideshows, by submitting them for presentation in one of the following categories: Monthly Theme Photos, Photographer’s Choice Photos, Outing Photos. A reminder email will be sent to the membership that the images are to be submitted before midnight on the previous Monday before the monthly meetings (i.e. one week prior) and will include a list of the valid Outings for each month.

The submitted images will be downloaded by the NPC Volunteer responsible for creating the monthly Slideshow to be presented to the club at the monthly meeting.


How to Submit Images or Slideshows for Presentation at Club Meetings 

Use of Dropbox:

NPC makes use of a cloud service called Dropbox for the submission of Images and Slideshows by our members. Dropbox has a file uploader called “File Request” which allows members to move images and large slideshow files from their computer directly into a folder on the internet that can be accessed by our producers who prepare our various slide shows. (Note: use of a File Request does not require a member to have a Dropbox account)


Submitting Images:

  1. Image Selection - The first step is to select which images to submit. Members are allowed a maximum of two images in each of the Theme and Photographer’s Choice categories, and two images per Outing each month.
  1. Preparing the Images - Our visual display equipment is capable of displaying any size image, however our requirement is to submit the images as JPEG (JPG) in order to minimize file size and maintain compatibility with the variety of software used by our volunteers and that which resides on the club’s computer. That said, as you complete your editing, you should consider the aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height of an image) you wish to use. Our Optoma projector has an HD format with a ratio of 1.78:1 (1920w x 1080h). If you choose to submit a photo with a different aspect ratio (portrait orientation, square, panoramic, etc), it will display, but will not necessarily fill the screen. Our slideshow producers will endeavor to ensure your image is presented to its’ best size and quality.
  1. Naming your Images – Your images should be named with the title you wish to appear on the screen during the slideshow. (Note: renaming a file on your computer is a straightforward process. Once the image is prepared, go to the folder containing the file you plan to submit and right-click on it, select “rename” and type in a suitable title without the “.jpg” extension and press “Enter”). Dropbox will automatically add your name during the submission process, so you are not required to have that in your file name. When you activate a submission link you will be taken to the File Request screen for the category selected at the Dropbox link where you will be prompted to select the files you wish to upload. It will also ask for first and last name and your email address (which is used to send you a confirmation). For Outings submissions, in addition to the image title, your Outings files must contain the name of the Outing as demonstrated here: “Port Hope Fair – The Merry Go Round.jpg”.
  1. Sending the Images to NPC – After your photos are edited to your satisfaction and renamed as per our requirements, you are now ready to upload your images to the appropriate NPC Dropbox where they will be downloaded for use in generating the slideshows. You do not have to submit each image individually, but can send multiple files as long as they are intended for the same Dropbox.


These are the links that will open up a file uploader screen at and allow you to select your file(s).

Photographer's Choice

Submission steps: 

  1. Click on the appropriate link and a Dropbox screen will open up in your Browser stating that “Photos NPC” is requesting files.
  2. Click on “Choose Files” and you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to select files from your computer. Select your file(s) and click on “Open”.
  3. You will be taken back to the request screen but now the files will be listed and there will be boxes for First and Last Name, and email. Please fill them out to identify yourself; the email is to send confirmation you have uploaded files to Dropbox.
  4. Click on “Upload” and the files will be transferred. When the upload is complete, close the Browser screen and go back to the first step if you want to submit to another category.


Submitting Special Project Images:

In addition to our monthly submissions, the club occasionally participates in special projects involving the submission of images from participating members. There is a Special Projects Dropbox set up for this purpose and details regarding it’s use will be communicated on a project to project basis however, the uploading steps involved remain the same as outlined above.


Submitting NPC Public Library:

The club has two sites available for general (non-member) public viewing (this website and the club Facebook page) where it would like to be able to feature members’ images to the public. There is a Library Dropbox set up for this purpose where members can submit images they will allow the club to share with the public. By submitting their images to the Library Dropbox, the member is granting permission for the image to be displayed in these locations at the discretion of the members of the executive. The member can request to have any of their photos removed from the library at any given time. NOTE: images submitted to the Public Library must be less than 2MB in size. If you wish to add your name to your image via a subtle watermark, please do so because we will not be able to add them on the public display.


Submitting for “Special” Slideshows:

Twice annually members have the opportunity for their images to be presented in “special” slideshows. The first “special” slideshow is presented at the December meeting. For this slideshow, members are asked to submit up to 10 images for inclusion in a single slideshow produced by a volunteer club member. These images are to be uploaded to the Slideshow Dropbox using the ‘Slide Show’ link below. If you wish the slides to be presented in a specific order in the slideshow, please ensure you include a number in the title of the image so they will present in numerical order. The slideshow producer will set and communicate the submission deadline to the membership.

The second “special” slideshow is a member-produced slide show shown after the AGM at the June meeting. For this presentation, each member participating must create a 4-minute slideshow that does not exceed that time allowance and is able to run using available software. Note: Due to time constraints, if a slideshow fails to execute or runs into problems it will be terminated and the next presentation will be shown however we will endeavor to fully test each slideshow prior to the meeting. Slideshow files can be very large and if there are issues with submitting via Dropbox, the submitter must make arrangements to get their file onto the club computer by contacting the Technical Director for guidance.

There are many ways of creating a slideshow. If you are interested in learning how, but do not know where to start, please contact a member of the executive and we will endeavor to partner you with a volunteer to get you started.

These are the links that will open up a file uploader screen at and allow you to select your file(s) for Special Projects, Slide Shows, NPC Public Library.

Special Projects

Slide Shows

 Public Library

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