2014 - 2015 Season

Date        Theme

08-Sep-14 Abstract 


2013 - 2014 Season

Date        Theme

04-Nov-13Translucent wonders

02-Dec-13Tree Bark Abstracts

06-Jan-14 Ice, Snow, and Away We Go!


03-Mar-14 Give Us A Smile!

07-Apr-14 Fog, Mist, or Haze

05-May-14 Funny or Not!

09-Jun-14 Down By The Water


2011/2012 Season

Date        Theme

05-Sep-11 My Favourite Summer Image  - or - Bottoms Up!

03-Oct-11 Onions - or- Unusual Public Sign/Notice

07-Nov-12Brown Bag Photography - or- Water drops on Compact Discs

05-Dec-12 White and Blue - or - A window and a curtain

02-Jan-12 Light Displays - or - What makes a table?

06-Feb-12 Winter's Worst - or - Three

05-Mar-12 Signs of Spring - or - White is not boring

02-Apr-12 Getting Carried Away - or - Panning

07-May-12 Wild Flowers - or - Wet'n Wild!

04-Jun-12 An Exciting Outdoor Activity - or- Macro Habitat


2010/2011 Season

Date         Theme

06-Sep-10 Hanging Loose

04-Oct-10 Motion in nature

01-Nov-10 What is "this" ???


03-Jan-11 Snow sculptures or shapes

07-Feb-11 Street/sidewalk scenes

07-Mar-11 This old house.......

04-Apr-11 Environmental concern

02-May-11 Looking in

06-Jun-11 Happiness is.........?

2009/2010 Season

Date      Theme

Sept. 08/09 Couples

Oct. 05/09 Tree(s)

Nov.02/09 Eyes and/or Feet

Dec. 07/09 Members' Images/slideshow

Jan. 04/10 No Theme Challenge

Feb. 01/10 Bubbles

Mar. 01/10 Silhouettes

Apr. 05/10 In The Bathroom!

May 03/10

June 07/10 Photographers' Choice Images