2019-2020 Themes  Submission Due Date
September Abandoned  Mon, Sept 2
October Trashing Our Environment  Mon, Sept 30
November Stripes  Mon, Oct 28
December Doom & Gloom OR Bright & Happy  Mon, Nov 25
January Hallways to Somewhere  Mon, Dec 30
February Isolated Objects  Mon, Jan 27
March Reflections of Life  Mon, Feb 24
April Tools of the Trade  Mon, Mar 30
May Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder  Mon, Apr 27
June The World in Silhouette  Mon, May 25



 2018-2019 Themes
September Selfies
October Forgotten
November Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign
December Of things Gone By
January Floral Creativity
February Baby It’s Cold Outside
March Nature Of Things
April It All leads to this ...
May Don’t Know What It Is
June Beautiful Blur

2014 - 2015 Season

Date        Theme

08-Sep-14 Abstract 


2013 - 2014 Season

Date        Theme

04-Nov-13Translucent wonders

02-Dec-13Tree Bark Abstracts

06-Jan-14 Ice, Snow, and Away We Go!


03-Mar-14 Give Us A Smile!

07-Apr-14 Fog, Mist, or Haze

05-May-14 Funny or Not!

09-Jun-14 Down By The Water


2011/2012 Season

Date        Theme

05-Sep-11 My Favourite Summer Image  - or - Bottoms Up!

03-Oct-11 Onions - or- Unusual Public Sign/Notice

07-Nov-12Brown Bag Photography - or- Water drops on Compact Discs

05-Dec-12 White and Blue - or - A window and a curtain

02-Jan-12 Light Displays - or - What makes a table?

06-Feb-12 Winter's Worst - or - Three

05-Mar-12 Signs of Spring - or - White is not boring

02-Apr-12 Getting Carried Away - or - Panning

07-May-12 Wild Flowers - or - Wet'n Wild!

04-Jun-12 An Exciting Outdoor Activity - or- Macro Habitat


2010/2011 Season

Date         Theme

06-Sep-10 Hanging Loose

04-Oct-10 Motion in nature

01-Nov-10 What is "this" ???


03-Jan-11 Snow sculptures or shapes

07-Feb-11 Street/sidewalk scenes

07-Mar-11 This old house.......

04-Apr-11 Environmental concern

02-May-11 Looking in

06-Jun-11 Happiness is.........?


2009/2010 Season

Date      Theme

Sept. 08/09 Couples

Oct. 05/09 Tree(s)

Nov.02/09 Eyes and/or Feet

Dec. 07/09 Members' Images/slideshow

Jan. 04/10 No Theme Challenge

Feb. 01/10 Bubbles

Mar. 01/10 Silhouettes

Apr. 05/10 In The Bathroom!

May 03/10

June 07/10 Photographers' Choice Images